Our Product

Bring certainty to your greasing

The GreaseBoss system provides an end to end solution for scheduling, tracking data and managing records of grease events

Verify greasing is completed in real time

Assist maintenance operators to complete their rounds

Assist maintenance operators to complete their rounds

How GreaseBoss Works

Head Unit

The patented GreaseBoss head unit provides instructions to the operator for each grease point that is scanned.

The head unit records how much grease was pumped, and what time and date it was pumped for each grease point.

The head unit automatically sends this information to the cloud as a secure record for future use. The head unit can work in both online and offline modes.

Grease Tags

GreaseTags help the head unit to identify each individual greasing point in your plant. They ensure the operator knows when and how much grease to pump for each grease point on your machine.

GreaseTags come in a number of shapes, colours and sizes - to suit the many requirements in the field. Fitting a GreaseTag is the same as fitting a washer under the grease point.


The GreaseCloud is our unified dashboard where you can access all upcoming and completed greasing tasks for your machinery.

The GreaseCloud is accessible through a browser from your GreaseBoss account. From this platform you can manage your greasing schedule, your grease points and your GreaseBoss devices.

The GreaseCloud has API connectivity for integration into your other maintenance systems.